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Animation & Multimedia Design

Course Outline: Animation and Multimedia Course is designed to provide the basic foundation for letting students learn the basics of multimedia designing in computer science and its related tool set so that at the end of the course they will be able to make animated content and small plat-former games and multimedia content for the various events.

16B1NCI433- Animation & Multimedia Design

Course Content Description Assignment
Lecture 1 AMD Course Overview


Latest Research Areas in the Field of Multimedia

Impact of using Multimedia for Successful Communication

Tutorial1 Image Formats and Bit Save your own image with various formats and varying resolution (72, 150, 300 pixel/inch) for all formats. Submit a comparative summary of size because of formats and resolution for the same.
 Lecture2 Multimedia

Raster vs Vector and Image Resolution (1)

 Lecture3 Image File Formats
 Lecture4 Image File Formats
 Lecture 5-7 Huffman Coding

JPEG Image Compression

Image Compression Lecture Assignment-1





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