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Total Google Citation (August 2022): 1375, H-Index= 19, i-10 Index=27 Google Scholar Link

Total Scopus Papers (Mar 2022): 78, Citations: 746, H-index:14 Scopus_Link

Total Web Of Science Papers (Jan 2022): 49, Citations: 407, H-index:9 Publons Link

International Journals

  1. Aggarwal, K., & Arora, A. (2022). Assessment of Discrete BAT-Modified (DBAT-M) Optimization Algorithm for Community Detection in Complex Network. Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, 1-20. [Indexed in SCIE, Scopus, DBLP, H Index: 50; Impact factor: 2.807]
  2. Mishra, S., & Arora, A. (2022). A Huber reward function-driven deep reinforcement learning solution for cart-pole balancing problem. Neural Computing and Applications, 1-18. [Indexed in SCIE, Scopus, DBLP; H Index: 75; Impact Factor: 5.102]
  3. Jain, A., Arora, A., Morato, J., Yadav, D., & Kumar, K. V. (2022). Automatic Text Summarization for Hindi Using Real Coded Genetic Algorithm. Applied Sciences, 12(13), 6584. [Indexed in SCIE, Scopus, DBLP; H Index: 75; Impact Factor: 2.838]
  4. Choudhary, A., & Arora, A. (2022). Continuous Attention Mechanism Embedded (CAME) Bi-Directional Long Short-Term Memory Model for Fake News Detection. International Journal of Ambient Computing and Intelligence (IJACI)13(1), 1-24. [Indexed in ESCI, Scopus; H Index: 21]
  5. Aggarwal, K., & Arora, A. (2022). Influence Maximization for MOOC Learners Using BAT Optimization Algorithm. International Journal of Fuzzy System Applications (IJFSA), 11(2), 1-19. [Indexed in ESCI, Scopus; H Index: 18]
  6. Mishra, S., & Arora, A. (2022). Double Deep Q Network with Huber Reward Function for Cart-Pole Balancing Problem. International Journal of Performability Engineering18(9), 644. [Indexed in ESCI, Scopus; H Index: 25]
  7. Jain, A., Yadav, D., Arora, A., & Tayal, D. K. (2022). Named-Entity Recognition for Hindi language using context pattern-based maximum entropy. Computer Science, 23(1). [Indexed in ESCI, Indexed in Scopus; H Index: 5]
  8. Arora, A., Taneja, A., Gupta, M., & Mittal, P. (2021). Virtual Personal Trainer: Fitness Video Recognition Using Convolution Neural Network and Bidirectional LSTM. International Journal of Knowledge and Systems Science (IJKSS), 12(4), 1-21. [Indexed in Scopus, ESCI; H Index: 4]
  9. Arora, A., & Taneja, A. (2021). Research Issues, Innovation and Associated Approaches for Recommendation on Social Networks. International Journal of Performability Engineering17(12), 1027. [Indexed in Scopus, ESCI; H Index: 25]
  10. Arora, A., Jayal, A., Gupta, M., Mittal, P., & Satapathy, S. C. (2021). Brain Tumor Segmentation of MRI Images Using Processed Image Driven U-Net Architecture. Computers, 10(11), 139. [Indexed in Scopus, DBLP, ESCI; H Index: 24]
  11. Choudhary, A., Arora, A. (2021). Linguistic Feature Based Learning Model for Fake News Detection and Classification. Expert Systems with Applications, Elsevier. [Indexed in SCI, Scopus, DBLP; H Index: 184; Impact Factor: 8.665]
  12. Jain, A., Yadav, D., & Arora, A. (2021). Particle Swarm Optimization for Punjabi Text Summarization. International Journal of Operations Research and Information Systems (IJORIS)12(3), 1-17. [Indexed in Scopus, DBLP]
  13. Arora, A., Pangasa, R., Goel, S., & Tewari, T. K. (2021). Audio acoustic features-based instrument recognition using classification algorithms. International Journal of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms, 20(1-2), 190-209. [Indexed in Scopus, ESCI, H Index:13]
  14. Jain, A., Arora, A., Yadav, D., Morato, J., & Kaur, A. (2021), Text Summarization Technique for Punjabi Language Using Neural Networks, The International Arab Journal of Information Technology, Vol. 18, No. 6, November 2021, 807-818. [Indexed in Scopus, ESCI, H Index: 29]
  15. Baranwal, S., Arora, A., & Khandelwal, S. (2021). Detecting diseases in plant leaves: an optimised deep-learning convolutional neural network approach. International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development, 20(2), 166-188. [Indexed in Scopus, ESCI; H Index: 18]
  16. Aggrawal, N., Arora, A., Anand, A., & Dwivedi, Y. (2020). Early viewers or followers: a mathematical model for YouTube viewers’ categorization. Kybernetes. [Indexed in Scopus, SCIE; H index: 37; Impact Factor: 2.352]
  17. Kaur, P., Gupta, S., Dhingra, S., Sharma, S., & Arora, A. (2020). Towards Content-Dependent Social Media Platform Preference Analysis. International Journal of Ambient Computing and Intelligence (IJACI)11(2), 30-47. [Indexed in Scopus, ESCI; H Index: 13]
  18. Arora, A., Srivastava, A., & Bansal, S. (2020). Business competitive analysis using promoted post detection on social media. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 54, 101941. [Indexed in Scopus, SSCI; H Index: 57; Impact Factor: 10.973]
  19. Arora, A., Bansal, S., Kandpal, C., Aswani, R., & Dwivedi, Y. (2019). Measuring social media influencer index-insights from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services49, 86-101. [Indexed in Scopus, SSCI; H Index: 57; Impact Factor: 10.973]
  20. Taneja, A., & Arora, A. (2019). Modeling user preferences using neural networks and tensor factorization model. International Journal of Information Management45, 132-148.[Indexed in Scopus, SSCI; H index:82; Impact Factor: 18.958]
  21. Nyati, U., Rawat, S., Gupta, D.(2019), Aggrawal, N., & Arora, A. Characterize ingredient network for recipe suggestion. International Journal of Information Technology, Singapore, Springer Link 1-8. [Indexed in Scopus, ESCI, DBLP; H index:9]
  22. Taneja, A., & Arora, A. (2018). Cross-domain recommendation using multidimensional tensor factorization. Expert Systems with Applications, Elsevier 92, 304-316. [Indexed in Scopus, DBLP, SCI; H Index: 184; Impact Factor: 6.954]
  23. Taneja, A, and Arora, A. (2019) A Comparison Evaluation of Demographic and Contextual Information of Movies using Tensor Factorization Model [J]. Int J Performability Eng, 2019, 15(9): 2305-2317. [Indexed in Scopus, ESCI; H Index: 23]
  24. Aggrawal, N., & Arora, A. (2019). Behaviour of viewers: YouTube videos viewership analysis. International Journal of Business Innovation and Research20(1), 106-128. [Indexed in Scopus, ESCI; H Index: 18]
  25. Lasisi, A., Tairan, N., Ghazali, R., Mashwani, W. K., Qasem, S. N., GR, H. K., & Arora, A. (2019). Predicting Crude Oil Price Using Fuzzy Rough Set and Bio-Inspired Negative Selection Algorithm. International Journal of Swarm Intelligence Research (IJSIR)10(4), 25-37. [Indexed in Scopus, ESCI; H Index: 2]
  26. Arora, A., Bana, R., Shah, H., & Yadav, D. (2019). Artificial Bee Colony-Based Influence Maximization Approach for Social Coding Portal GitHub. International Journal of Swarm Intelligence Research (IJSIR)10(2), 34-47. [Indexed in Scopus, ESCI; H Index: 2]
  27. Arora, A. (2018). Test Case Generation Using Progressively Refined Genetic Algorithm for Ajax Web Application Testing. Recent Patents on Computer Science11(4), 276-288.[Indexed in Scopus, ESCI; H index:11]
  28. Jain, A., & Arora, A. (2018). Named Entity Recognition in Hindi Using Hyperspace Analogue to Language and Conditional Random Field. Pertanika Journal of Science and Technology, 26(4), 1801-1822. [Indexed in Scopus, ESCI; H index: 10] 
  29. Jain, A., Tayal, D.K., Arora, A. (2018). OntoHindi NER – An Ontology Based Novel Approach for Hindi Named Entity Recognition. International Journal of Artificial Intelligence (IJAI), 16(2), 106-135. [Indexed in Scopus, ESCI; H index:17]
  30. Jain, A., & Arora, A. (2018). Named Entity System for Tweets in Hindi Language. International Journal of Intelligent Information Technologies (IJIIT), 14(4), 55-76, IGI Global.[Indexed in Scopus, ESCI, DBLP; H index:12]
  31. Taneja, A., & Arora, A. (2018). Recommendation research trends: review, approaches and open issues. International Journal of Web Engineering and Technology13(2), Inderscience, 123-186. [Indexed in Scopus, ESCI, DBLP; H index: 15]
  32. Aggrawal, N., Arora, A., & Anand, A. (2018). Modeling and characterizing viewers of You Tube videos. International Journal of System Assurance Engineering and Management9(2), 539-546. [Indexed in Scopus, ESCI, H Index: 13]
  33. Aggrawal, N., Ahluwalia, A., Khurana, P., & Arora, A. (2017). Brand analysis framework for online marketing: ranking web pages and analyzing popularity of brands on social media. Social Network Analysis and Mining, 7(1), 21. [Indexed in Scopus, ESCI, DBLP][H-Index:22, SJR:0.48; Impact Factor: 1.86]
  34. Aggrawal, N., Arora, A., & Kumaraguru, P. (2017). Multiple metric aware YouTube tutorial videos virality analysis. International Journal of Social Network Mining2(4), 362-387. [Indexed in DBLP]
  35. Chauhan, S., Arora, A., & Singhal, Y. (2017). Plagiarism Detection of C Program using Assembly Language. International Journal of Computer Applications158(3).
  36. Arora, A., Taneja, V., Parashar, S., & Mishra, A. (2016). Cross-domain based event recommendation using tensor factorization. Open Computer Science, 6(1). pp.126-137, De-Gruyter. [Indexed in Scopus, ESCI, DBLP]
  37. Niyati Aggrawal, Anuja Arora (2016), “Vulnerabilities Issues and Melioration Plans for Online Social Network Over Web 2.0 ” Communications in Dependability and Quality Management an International Journal (CDQM), Vol.19, No. 1, pp. 66-73, Mar 1, 2016.
  38. Alok Chauhan, Anuja Arora and Chetna Gupta (2014), “An Automatized Robustness Testing Tool for Web Services”, International Journal of Computer Engineering and Applications, Volume VI, Issue III, pp. 153-161. Impact Factor = 2.849 [Indexed in DBLP, Scirus, Google Scholar, Citeseer, DOAJ]
  39. Anuja Arora, Madhavi Sinha (2013), “A sustainable approach to automate User session based state machine for AJAX web applications”, Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology Vol 54, No.3, pp 37-56, 2013.[Indexed In Scopus, DBLP] [H-Index:20, SJR:0.16]
  40. Arora, A., and M. Sinha. “Web Application Testing: A Review on Techniques, Tools and State of Art” International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research (IJSER) Vol.3, Issue.2, February (2012).
  41. Arora, A. Efficient Scrutiny For Reusing OSS A Case Study On Real Project. ST. ANNE MARY EDUCATION SOCIETY International Journal of Information Technology and Trends.

Book Chapters

  1. Aggarwal, K., & Arora, A. (2022). Hand Gesture Recognition for Real-Time Game Play Using Background Elimination and Deep Convolution Neural Network. In Virtual and Augmented Reality for Automobile Industry: Innovation Vision and Applications (pp. 145-160). Springer, Cham. [Indexed in Scopus]
  2. Kaul, A., Mittal, V., Chaudhary, M., & Arora, A. (2020). Persona Classification of Celebrity Twitter Users. In Digital and Social Media Marketing (pp. 109-125). Springer, Cham. [Indexed in Scopus]
  3. Jain, Arti, Devendra K. Tayal, Divakar Yadav, and Anuja Arora. (2020) “Research Trends for Named Entity Recognition in Hindi Language.” In Data Visualization and Knowledge Engineering, pp. 223-248. Springer, Cham. [Indexed in Scopus]
  4. Verma, A., Morato, J., Jain, A., & Arora, A. (2020). Relevant Subsection Retrieval for Law Domain Question Answer System. In Data Visualization and Knowledge Engineering(pp. 299-319). Springer, Cham. [Indexed in Scopus]
  5. Aggrawal, N., Arora, A., Anand, A., & Irshad, M. S. (2018). View-count based modeling for YouTube videos and weighted criteria–based ranking. In Advanced Mathematical Techniques in Engineering Sciences (pp. 149-160). CRC Press. [Indexed in Scopus]
  6. Arora, A., Srivastava, A., & Bansal, S. (2018). Graph and Neural Network-Based Intelligent Conversation System. Nature-Inspired Algorithms for Big Data Frameworks, 339. [Indexed in Scopus]
  7. Jain, A., Gairola, G., Jain, S., Arora, A.(2018). “Thwarting Spam on Facebook: Identifying Spam Posts Using Machine Learning Techniques”, In Social Network Analytics for contemporary Business Organization ( pp. 51-70). IGI Global. [Indexed in Scopus]
  8. Taneja, A., Gupta, B., Arora, A. (2018). “An Experimental Evaluation of Link Prediction for Movies Suggestions using Social Media Content”, Social Network Analytics for contemporary Business Organization (pp. 203-230). IGI Global. [Indexed in Scopus]
  9. Aggrawal, N., Arora, A., Jain, A., & Rathor, D. (2017). “Product Diffusion Pattern Analysis Model Based on User’s Review of E-Commerce Application”. In Hybrid Intelligence for Social Networks (pp. 227-248). Springer, Cham. [Indexed in Scopus]

International Conference

  1. Choudhary, A., & Arora, A. (2023). Comparative Analysis of Transfer Learning and Attention-driven Memory-based Learning for COVID-19 Fake News Detection. In International Conference on Innovative Computing and Communications (pp. 29-39). Springer, Singapore. [Indexed in Scopus]
  2. Saxena, B., Arora, A., Gupta, M., Mittal, P., & Singh, J. (2022, April). Features Driven Brain Tumor Detection Using Machine Learning Models. In 2022 1st International Conference on Informatics (ICI) (pp. 53-59). IEEE. [Indexed in IEEE, Scopus]
  3. Aggarwal, K., & Arora, A. (2022, March). An Approach to Control the PC with Hand Gesture Recognition using Computer Vision Technique. In 2022 9th International Conference on Computing for Sustainable Global Development (INDIACom) (pp. 760-764). IEEE. [Indexed in IEEE, Scopus]
  4. Choudhary, A., & Arora, A. (2021, November). ImageFake: An Ensemble Convolution Models Driven Approach for Image Based Fake News Detection. In 2021 7th International Conference on Signal Processing and Communication (ICSC) (pp. 182-187). IEEE. [Indexed in IEEE, Scopus]
  5. Taneja, A., Arora, A., Goyal, A., & Gupta, R. (2021, August). Measure Brand Influencing Index across Social Media Platforms. In 2021 Thirteenth International Conference on Contemporary Computing (IC3-2021) (pp. 410-416). [Indexed in ACM, Scopus]
  6. Uppal, S., Jain, A., & Arora, A. (2020, January). Comparative Analysis for KeyTerms Extraction Methods for Personalized Search Engines. In 2020 10th International Conference on Cloud Computing, Data Science & Engineering (Confluence) (pp. 358-363). IEEE. [Indexed in Scopus]
  7. Chaudhary, A. S., & Arora, A. (2019, November). Storytelling Data Visualization for Grievances Management System. In International Conference on Futuristic Trends in Networks and Computing Technologies (pp. 395-405). Springer, Singapore. [Indexed in IEEE, SCOPUS]
  8. Mittal, H., Abraham, A., & Arora, A. (2019, December). Interpreting Context of Images Using Scene Graphs. In International Conference on Big Data Analytics (pp. 427-438). Springer, Cham. [Indexed in IEEE, SCOPUS, WoS]
  9. Uppal, S., Jayal, A., & Arora, A. (2019, August). Pairwise Reviews Ranking and Classification for Medicine E-Commerce Application. In 2019 Twelfth International Conference on Contemporary Computing (IC3) (pp. 1-6). IEEE.[Indexed in IEEE, Scopus]
  10. Malhotra, R., Taneja, A., & Arora, A. (2019, August). Temporal Recommendations for Discovering Author Interests. In 2019 Twelfth International Conference on Contemporary Computing (IC3) (pp. 1-6). IEEE. [Indexed in IEEE, Scopus]
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  18. Bana, R., Arora, A.(2018). Influence Indexing of Developers, Repositories, Technologies and Programming languages on Social Coding Community GitHub, In Eleventh International Conference on Contemporary Computing (IC3), 2018. [Indexed in IEEE, Scopus]
  19. Afreen, Goyal, S., Arora, A., Kaur, A., Aggrawal, N.(2018, March), CleanGreen: Pollution Evaluator, 3rd International Conference on Internet of Things and Connected Technologies (ICIoTCT), 2018 [Indexed in Scopus]
  20. Arora, A., Malhotra, R., Saxena, N., & Sharma, S. (2018, February). Wallet App Credibility Analysis Based on App Content and User Reaction. In 2018 5th International Symposium on Emerging Trends and Technologies in Libraries and Information Services (ETTLIS) (pp. 263-268). IEEE. [Indexed in Scopus, SCI]
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