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This course is designed to introduce the students with the tools, infrastructure and facilities to develop an robust and scalable distributed Information System using J2EE technologies such as Java Servlet, Java Server Pages, Java Beans, enterprise Java Beans and web services. Students will use various J2EE architectures to implement efficient and appropriate information System. Students will learn to design and develop the information System development process, with Netbeans IDE and Eclipse IDE as the primary information system development tool.

Learning outcome:

Students will be able to

  • Identify the range and importance of information systems applications in modern organizations;
  • Articulate the relationship between the distributed nature of an Enterprise and its information systems at strategic, tactical, and operational levels;
  • Identify the principles of creating an effective Information System for various enterprises, including an in-depth consideration of J2EE architectures such as MVC, JSP Model 2 and EJB.
  • Design and Implement efficient information System using Java Servlet, Java server Pages, Java Beans, Enterprise Java beans and web services according to appropriate architecture.
  • Examine measures to create scalable, maintainable and resuable information system.

Details Course Description: 10B22CI621 Information Systems

Lecture No. Content Proposed to be covered
2 Types of IS-TPS, OAS, KWS, DSS, MIS, ESS,
3 Case studies of All types of IS
4 Web Application Architectures- Client server, three –tier architecture, n-tier Architecture, Thin-client Multi-tiered Architecture, n-tier with J2EE
5 Case studies for web application architecture
6 Server side Technologies
7 Building Information System using Servlet
8 Servlet Architecture, Life Cycle, Form Data from Servlet
9 Reading Request and response header of Servlet
10 Database connectivity through Servlet,
11 Cookies, Session handling,
12 Connecting to database using context parameter
13 Case studies on Java servlet
14 Practice Sessions for Test1
15 Problem solving Sessions for Test1
16 Server side technology- Java server Pages
17 Simple examples of Java server pages
18 Life Cycle of JSP, Translation, Compilation and Execution Phase of JSP
19 Scripting Elements, Directives and Action in JSP
20 Examples of Scripting Elements, Directives and Action in JSP
21 Expressions, Scriptlets, Declaration in JSP
22 Examples of Expressions, Scriptlets, Declaration in JSP
23 Predefined Variables
24 JSP Page Directives- import, contentType, session, errorPage,

Buffer, isThreadSafe etc., JSP Standard Tag Library, JSP Custom Tag Library

25 JSP Model 2 Architecture, Model-view- controller architecture
26 Commercial Platforms, Application Servers, JBOSS application Server
27 Java bean Component, Using JavaBeans with JSP
28 Database connectivity with Java beans
29 Case studies on Java bean components
30 Problem solving and practice session for Test2
31 Enterprise Java Beans(EJB), Travel Agency example of EJB, Creating Enterprise beans
32 Remote Interface, Home interface, Packaging, Services provided by the Container and Server, Resource Management and Life Cycle of a bean
33 Enterprise Beans- entity Beans, Session Beans, Message Driven Beans
34 EJB Entity Beans-CMP, BMP
35 Case study example of EJB Entity Bean
36 EJB Session beans- Stateful and stateless session beans
37 Case study example of EJB Session Bean
38 EJB Message Driven beans- Topic and queue
39 Case study example of EJB Message Driven Bean
40 Web Services-Definition, Example, Characteristic, Case study- CDYNE Weather, Spell Checker
41 Requirements of Web services- XML, SOAP, WSDL, DISCO, UDDI, DISCO
42 Working of a Web Service, Architecture
43 SOAP- Working of SOAP, Examples of SOAP, Architecture of SOAP Messages, SOAP Terminology
44 WSDL- What and Why WSDL?,  Example WSDL Document, WSDL Document Elements, Examples of WSDL
45 Building information system for mobile environment using Android software development kit
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