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M.Tech Dissertation Supervised


S.No. Title of Dissertation Candidate Year
18 EZ_XS: Java APP Store Iresh Rastogi(18318008), M.Tech(DA) May, 2020
17 Sustainable Farming Using Data Analytics Anurag Singh Choudhary(17318005), M.Tech(DA) May, 2019
16 CISCO Interview Automation System and Log based Search Engine Visualization Shashwat Yadav (14503017), B.Tech-M.Tech Dual Degree May, 2019
15 Text Analyzer Devyani Jaiswal(16303003), , M.Tech(CSE) May, 2018
14 ION India System Latency Improvement Arushi Agarwal(13503896), B.Tech-M.Tech Dual Degree May, 2018
13 Applications of Data Science in Insurance, Law and HR Analytics Aayushi Verma(15318014), M.Tech(DA) May, 2017
12 Semantic search based on Domain Ontology Koneti Naveen Kumar yadav (15318002), M.Tech(DA) May, 2017
11 An experimental evaluation of link prediction for movie suggestion using Multiple Social Media Bhawna Gupta(15303017) , M.Tech(CSE) May, 2017
10 DBLP Co-Authorship Network Model and its Analysis using Gephi Kuwar Manish Srivastav (14303010), M.Tech(CSE) May, 2016
9 Parth Ka Sarth Prashant Maharishi (14315055), M.Tech(ITE) May, 2016
8 Parth Ka Sarth Vinay Singh Teotia ( 14315054), M.Tech (ITE) May 2016
7 Load Balancing in Cloud Computing Environment using Hybrid Approach Anoop Yadav(13303043), M.Tech(CSE) May, 2015
6 An Improved approach to English- Hindi Based Cross Language Information retrieval Eva Katta (13303017), M.Tech(CSE) May, 2015
5 An Automatized Robustness Testing Tool For Web Services Alok Kumar (12303015), M.Tech(CSE) May, 2014
4 Effort Estimation using Analogy Nakul Garg (12303021), M.Tech(CSE) May, 2014
3 Monitoring Network Over Wi-Fi with Enhanced Security Measures Apoorva Khera (08503952), B.Tech-M.Tech Dual Degree May, 2013
2 Web Search Personalization using Ontology Kretika Gupta (08504003), B.Tech-M.Tech Dual Degree May, 2013
1 Web Based Notification Platform for Mobile Phones- Tell2Me Abhishek Jain (07503865), B.Tech-MBA Dual Degree May 2010

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