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Nature Inspired Computation and Application- EVEN 2019

S.No. Lecture Schedule Day Topic Link
1 04-Jan-19 Friday Introduction to NIC, Introduction to Optimization, its Mathematical Representation Lecture1
2 09-Jan-19 Wednesday About Deterministic Algorithms, Stochastic Algorithm, Heuristic Algorithm, Metaheuristic Algorithm Lecture2
3 10-Jan-19 Thursday Metaheuristic Algorithm, Newton Raphson Lecture3
4 11-Jan-19 Friday Evolutionary Algorithm Lecture4
5 16-Jan-19 Wednesday Genetic Algorithm Lecture5
6 17-Jan-19 Thursday Genetic Algorithm Lecture6 (same Lecture 5)
7 18-Jan-19 Friday GA-Example Problems, Assignment-01 Lecture7 GA sample Problem Question

Some more GA prob

8 23-Jan-19 Wednesday Genetic Algorithm: Encoding Techniques Lecture8
9 24-Jan-19 Thursday GA Selection Techniques- Roulette wheel, Rank Based, and canonical selection
10 25-Jan-19 Friday Genetic Algorithm: Crossover Techniques, Mutation Techniques
11 30-Jan-19 Wednesday GA vs Differential Evolution
12 31-Jan-19 Thursday Differential Evolution
13 01-Feb-19 Friday Differential Evolution: Crossover and Mutation Techniques
14 06-Feb-19 Wednesday Differential Evolution: Algorithm and Problems
15 07-Feb-19 Thursday GA Problem and practice session Lecture15 Sample Problems with solution
16 08-Feb-19 Friday GA Problem and practice session Lecture16 Sample Problems with solution
13-Feb-19 Wednesday T1 Exam 16 Lectures
14-Feb-19 Thursday T1 Exam
15-Feb-19 Friday T1 Exam
17 20-Feb-19 Wednesday Particle Swarm Optimization Lecture 17
18 21-Feb-19 Thursday Particle Swarm Optimization
19 22-Feb-19 Friday PSO Sample problem solve Lecture 19
20 27-Feb-19 Wednesday Binary Particle Swarm Optimization (BPSO)
21 28-Feb-19 Thursday Binary Particle Swarm Optimization (BPSO)
22 01-Mar-19 Friday PSO-Programming
23 06-Mar-19 Wednesday Ant Colony Optimization (ACO)
24 07-Mar-19 Thursday Ant Colony Optimization (ACO)
25 08-Mar-19 Friday ACO Sample Problem
26 13-Mar-19 Wednesday Class Assignment
27 14-Mar-19 Thursday Artificial Bee Colony (ABC)
28 15-Mar-19 Friday Artificial Bee Colony (ABC)
20-Mar-19 Wednesday Holi Vacation
21-Mar-19 Thursday Holi Vacation
22-Mar-19 Friday Holi Vacation
29 27-Mar-19 Wednesday ABC Sample Problem
30 28-Mar-19 Thursday Practice Class
31 29-Mar-19 Friday Problem Discussion Class
03-Apr-19 Wednesday T2 Exam 15 Lectures
04-Apr-19 Thursday T2 Exam
05-Apr-19 Friday T2 Exam
32 10-Apr-19 Wednesday NIC T2 Answer Script Show
33 11-Apr-19 Thursday T2 Question Paper Solution discussion
34 12-Apr-19 Friday Cuckoo Hashing
35 17-Apr-19 Wednesday Cuckoo Search Algorithm
36 18-Apr-19 Thursday Cuckoo Search Algorithm- Example Problem
37 19-Apr-19 Friday Cuckoo serach- Sphere Function
38 24-Apr-19 Wednesday Firefly Algorithm
39 25-Apr-19 Thursday Firefly Algorithm- Example Problem
40 26-Apr-19 Friday Firefly Algorithm- Job Scheduling Problem
41 01-May-19 Wednesday Gravitational Search Algorithm (GSA)
42 02-May-19 Thursday Gravitational Search Algorithm (GSA)- Example Problem
43 03-May-19 Friday GSA- Rosenbrook Function
44 08-May-19 Wednesday Social Spider Optimization
45 09-May-19 Thursday Social Spider Optimization – Example Problems
46 10-May-19 Friday Practice session
15 Lectures
Total 46 Lectures


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