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Neural Network Workshop Course Description    Neural Network Workshop EVEN 2019

Value Added Course

S.No. Lecture Schedule Topic Assignments
week 01 LAB1 Linear Regression, Multiple Linear Regression Assignment-01
week 02 LAB2 (a) KNN Classifier Assignment-02(a)
LAB2(b) SVM Classifier Assignment-02(b)
week 03 Lab3(a) Single Neuron NN, Activation Function, Perceptron Learning Algorithm, Stochastic gradient descent Assignment-03(a)
Lab3(b) Two Layer Neural Network, Forward Propagation, Backpropagation Assignment-03(b)
week 04 Lab 4(a) Backpropagation, Different Function use at different levels, Case study: Soil exploration and Classification using NN(Submit This case study assignment to your lab instructor) Assignment-04(a)
Lab 4(b) Complete Assignment 4(a) unsolved questions
week 05 LAB5(a) Neural Network Minor Project Synopsis Guideline Neural Network Synopsis Guideline
week 06 LAB6(a) Minor Project Synopsis Submission and Evaluation 4th Feb 2019
LAB6(b) Revise All Concepts done Till now
T1 Exam
week 07 Lab7(a) Evaluative Assignment Evaluative Assignment
Lab7(b) Solution Evaluative Assignment Solution Q3 Evaluative Assignment

Solution Q4 Evaluative Assignment

week 08 Lab8(a) JIIT Fest: Impression
Lab8(b) Problem Solving Assignment: Twitter and Digit Recognition Assignment 8(b)  Dataset:  download from fileserver2
week 09 Lab9(a) LAB TEST1 Lab test1
Lab9(b) Use Pretrained models using Keras, Tensorflow -Handwritten MNIST handwritten digit Recognition Assignment-09(a)
week 10 Lab10(a) Backpropagation using Keras, Tensorflow
Lab10(b) Convolution Neural network
week 11 LAB11(a) Minor Project Evaluation, Practice Assignment Assignment-11
LAB11(b) Minor Project Evaluation, Practice Assignment Assignment-11
T2 Exam
week12 LAB12(a) Neural Style Transfer Assignment Assignment -12
LAB12(b) Neural Style Transfer Assignment  Assignment -12
week13 Neural Style Transfer Evaluation 02-05-2019 & 04-05-2019
Week 14 Lab 14(a) Minor Project Final Evaluation Final Neural Network Minor Project Guideline 06-05-2015
Lab 14(b) Lab Test 2 Topic: CNN 09-05-2019 and 11-05-2019
Classes Over
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