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Natural Language Processing

(Awarded- 30th April 2019)

Arti Jain Named Entity Recognition for Hindi Language using Natural Language Processing Techniques

Dr. Anuja Arora

Prof. Devendra Tayal, IGDTU

Social Network- Information Diffusion

(Awarded- 22nd May 2019)

Niyati aggrawal Information Diffusion Framework for Virality Prediction of Social Media Content Dr. Anuja Arora

Recommender System

(Awarded-27th August 2019)

Anu Taneja Some Improvement of Context Aware Recommendation Systems using Cross Domain Knowledge Dr. Anuja Arora
Social Media Security Anshika chaudhary Dr. Anuja Arora
Social Web Mining Kirti Aggarwal Dr. Anuja Arora
Shaili Mishra Dr. Anuja Arora
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