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17B1NCI658 Social Media Workshop- Even 2017

In this course-

  • we explore the theoretical aspects and practical applications of social media using few existing tools. Social media analysis tools are Pajek, Gephi, Net logo, iGraph, UCINet, NodeXL and NetworkX etc.
  • We discuss tools based study for various social media applications such as facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, blogs, wikis and other social media websites.
  • We also discuss social media marketing tool and how they impact business, Facebook community building and advertising.

Most of the social media techniques you will learn in this course require some specific software to handle complex social network computations and statistics which are not possible. A number of free tools are available to help in social media analysis. Two tools will primarily be used in this course- Gephi, NodeXL. Even we will use few social network API’s also to extract social media content.

Note: The term social media and social network are used frequently in this course content.

Help Files—- Gephi tutorial

Social Media Time Table

Social Media Workshop Calender


Assignment01                      –  Assignment-01 Social Media Understanding 9th-14th Jan 2017

Assignment02                      –  Assignment-02 Gephi Visualization   16th-21st Jan 2017   (Download required files from study material)

Assignment03                       – Assignment03 NetworkX    23th – 28th Jan 2017

Assignment04                      – Assignment04 NetworkX Lab Exercise 29th-3rd Feb 2017

Lab Quiz01                             – 6th Feb- 10th Feb 2017

Assignment05                       – NetworkX Exercise2

Lab quiz& T2 Exams

Assignment07                       -Assignment 07 Lab assignment07

Assignment08                      -Page Rank Assignment Page Rank Assignment

Assignment09                     – Link prediction Link Prediction ASSIGNMENT09

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