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Software Engineering

Course Outcomes:

  1. Explain software engineering principles and software process models for project development.
  2. Identify functional and non-functional requirements of a software project and design document software requirements specification.
  3. Design, represent and document software requirements specification. Plan and execute activities for a software project.
  4. Apply UML modeling for software design from software requirements specification.
  5. Analyze code checklist. Perform code Reviews, Code Refactoring, and Code optimization.
  6. Apply testing principles, develop and implement various manual and automated testing procedures.
  7. Evaluate software in terms of general software quality attributes and possible trade-offs presented within the given problem.


Course Detailed Syllabus (Academic Year  2019-2020) 

15B11CI513- Software Engineering


S.No. Lecture Schedule Day Topic
1 18-Jul-19 Thursday Introduction to software engineering Principles
2 19-Jul-19 Friday Introduction to software engineering Principles
3 23-Jul-19 Tuesday Software process
4 25-Jul-19 Thursday Software process models(build and fix model,waterfall model, Incremental process model,
5 26-Jul-19 Friday  Software process models(build and fix model,waterfall model, Incremental process model,
6 30-Jul-19 Tuesday Evolutionary- Prototype and Spiral models,
7 1-Aug-19 Thursday Evolutionary- Prototype and Spiral models,
8 2-Aug-19 Friday Agile Models-XP
9 6-Aug-19 Tuesday Agile Models-Scrum
  8-Aug-19 Thursday IC3 Conference
  9-Aug-19 Friday  IC3 Conference
10 13-Aug-19 Tuesday Project Scheduling: network diagram,
  15-Aug-19 Thursday  Independence Day Holiday
11 16-Aug-19 Friday CPM and PERT
12 20-Aug-19 Tuesday CPM and PERT
13 22-Aug-19 Thursday Software Requirement Engineering
14 23-Aug-19 Friday Software Requirement Engineering
15 27-Aug-19 Tuesday User Modeling Language
16 29-Aug-19 Thursday Use Case Diagram
17 30-Aug-19 Friday Use case Diagram
18 03-Sep-19 Tuesday Class Diagram
19 05-Sep-19 Thursday Class Diagram
20 06-Sep-19 Friday Activity Diagram
21 10-Sep-19 Tuesday Activity Diagran
22 12-Sep-19 Thursday Test-01 Practice
Test01( 15-24 Sep 2019)
23 26-Sep-19 Thursday Test01 Answer sheets, Sequence Diagram
24 27-Sep-19 Friday Refactoring
25 01-Oct-19 Tuesday Refactoring
26 03-Oct-19 Thursday Bad smell and Code Optimization
27 04-Oct-19 Friday Design Pattern
Dusherra Break
28 10-Oct-19 Thursday Design Pattern
29 11-Oct-19 Friday Cohesion and Coupling
30 15-Oct-19 Tuesday Cohesion and Coupling
31 17-Oct-19 Thursday Software Metrics
32 18-Oct-19 Friday Practice Session- Metric, Design Pattern, etc
Test02 ( 21-25 Oct 2019)
Diwali Break (26-31 Oct 2019)
33 01-Nov-19 Friday Test02 Answer Sheets
34 05-Nov-19 Tuesday Software Metrics
35 07-Nov-19 Thursday Software Metrics
36 08-Nov-19 Friday Software Testing
Guru Nanak Birthday (12-Nov-19)
37 14-Nov-19 Thursday Software Testing
38 15-Nov-19 Friday Software Testing
39 19-Nov-19 Tuesday
40 21-Nov-19 Thursday
41 22-Nov-19 Friday
42 26-Nov-19 Tuesday
43 28-Nov-19 Thursday
44 29-Nov-19 Friday
45 02-Dec-19 Tuesday
End Sem Exam
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