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This course is designed to introduce the student to the tools and facilities of web design: HTML, HTML5 XHTML, CSS, client side script-Java Scrip, server side script- Php Script, XML and code validation. Students will use these web technologies together to implement web applications. Students will learn about the Web design/development process, with Macromedia Dreamweaver as the primary Web development tool. Topics covered include basic and enhanced site structure, local and remote site management, and optimization of Web.

Learning outcome:

Students will be able to

  • Develop an understanding of the principles for creating an effective web application, including an in-depth consideration of architecture.
  • Acquire the skills to edit, test and implement reusable and scalable web Application using appropriate Architecture and technology;
  • Design and Implement interactive web applications using client-side dynamic scripting language-java script and server-side scripting language-PHP with AJAX.
  • Develop code to use regular expressions, handle exceptions and validate data for XML file and database storage;
  • Implement measures to create secure web sites
  • Integrate different programming web technologies and architectures to build robust, secure and scalable solutions.

Detailed Course Description: WAE Detailed Syllabus

Lecture No. Content Covered
1 Introduction, taxonomy, classification.
2 Web application Architectures
3 HTTP Protocol, working of servers
4 Marks up Language-HTML
5 Marks up Language – HTML5
6 HTML 5 Tags Examples
7 Form and Frames in HTML
8 Cascading Style Sheet(CSS)
9 CSS Example
10 Java Script Syntax
11 Objects in Java Script,
12 Event handler in Java Script with examples
13 Document Object Model and its examples
14 Regular Expressions
15 Advanced Java script- Dynamic Table creation, Dynamic Calendar etc
16 Case Studies of Java Script Applications
17 Case Studies of HTML+CSS+ Java Script web Application
18 Practice session for T1 examination
19 Problem solving session of T1  examination
20 Server Side Technologies and Introduction to PHP
21 PHP and basic code of PHP
22 Cookies
23 Session handling
24 Dynamic Content in PHP, operator precedence
25 Xampp for database connectivity
26 PHP with database connectivity with Xampp
27 Error handling in PHP, Regular Expressions in PHP
28 XML Introduction, XML technologies, XML schema Languages-DTD, XML schema
29 Document Type definition(DTD)
30 DTD examples and validate XML with DTD
31 Practice session for T2 examination
32 Problem solving session of T2  examination
33 XML Schema
34 XML schema Examples and validate XML with XML schema
36 XHtml Examples
37 Xpath
38 Xpath examples
41 Case study examples of XML coving DTD, XHTML, XPATH, XSLT
42 Case study examples of XML coving DTD, XHTML, XPATH, XSLT
43 Case study examples of XML with PHP
44 Practice session for End semester Examination
45 Problem solving session of End Semester examination


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