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Web Intelligence- 19M12CS111


Course Description ODD 2019                                     19M12CS111_Web Intelligence_ODD2019

Course Description ODD 2020                                     19M12CS111_Web Intelligence_ODD2020




Course Outcome:

At the completion of the course, students will be able to,

  • Outline the various web technologies,  methods, and models used to design an intelligent web. [Understanding Level 2]
  • Make use of  web caching strategies at varied level: user, web server, and gateway server. [Apply Level 3]
  • Analyze and Model the users’ browsing behavior on web. [Apply and Analyse-3,4]
  • Evaluate various Web content mining algorithms, Web language models and learning to rank models to handle complex Web. [Evaluate Level 5]
  • Design and develop the computational intelligent web algorithms to handle complex real problems [Create Level 6].

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